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Northblue Blueberry

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An extremely cold hardy half-high variety (grows only 2-3 ft tall). Good producer of dark dime-sized blue berries. Excellent “wild” flavor. Mid-season ripening, medium berry size.

Blueberries: A delicious and much-loved North American native. Blueberries are worth planting by the dozen. Everyone and their grandparents should have put in a blueberry patch 15 years ago. The least we can do is plant a patch today.

Blueberries need an acidic soils (pH 4.5 - 5.5) and prefer a well drained site with good fungal activity. Amend soil with sulfur, peat moss, compost, and mulch. Though they will tolerate some shade, fruit production improves dramatically with full sun. Blueberries are somewhat self-fertile but fruit are larger and more abundant with a few different varieties.

Add sulfur to your order for $1/plant (sulfur is suitable for organic production.) Strongly recommended.

Blueberry bargain! Choose any 5 blueberries for $69 or 10 blueberries for $119 and get sulfur for planting free!