SUNDAY JULY 30th, 11:00AM


 We are open weekends through July

(and still planting!)

We will be open by appointment only through August and September.

Come see our farm for a full selection of potted trees and shrubs as well as rock dusts and organic fertilizers.

We are open every weekend Saturday from 9-4:30 and Sunday from 10-4:30 or by appointment.

The farm is lovely this time of year come check it out.

Need help realizing your edible landscape dreams? Contact us for consultation, design, or planting.

Contact Nicko at (802) 454-7874  or email: narubin@gmail.com to make an appointment.

We have a wide selection of  plants available for transplant: apples, pears, plums, and cherries; as well as blueberries, currants, gooseberries, hardy kiwi and many unusual fruits.

We offer landscape design, consultation, and planting.

Call 802-454-7874 or email, narubin@gmail.com.


East Hill Tree Farm provides the resources to empower and enable the communities in the Winooski Valley to reestablish the garden of Eden.

Chestnuts harvested in Plainfield, VT!

We understand that we live in a time of dramatic social and ecological change. Humans play a critical role in this change. We strive to actively engage our environment in order to enhance the physical and spiritual vitality of the landscape including all of its inhabitants.


East Hill Tree Farm provides:

  • Nursery for woody plant species for edible forest gardens, home orchards, and Edens in the northeast.
  • Ecological landscape design services.
  • Landscape planting.
  • Management consulting and education.

We make long term sustainability, ecological integrity, and functional beauty the highest priorities in all of our work.