Companions for your fruit trees

Companions for your fruit trees

All kinds of things can be grown as companions for fruit trees bringing with them a wide range of benefits. Grass need not be the dominant species under our trees, in fact, the trees would prefer it otherwise. Fruit trees are often happiest growing in the midst of a perennial garden or an herb garden. A few categories of plants are particularly well suited to growing with our fruit trees.

Broad leaved and deep rooted plants such as: comfrey, dandelion, elecampane, echinacea, borage, rhubarb, or horseradish.

Strongly aromatic plants that may help deter pests: applemint, spearmint, peppermint, beebalm, artemesias, mugwort, yarrow, or anise hyssop.

Nitrogen fixers or dynamic accumulators such as lupine, baptisia, thermopsis, comfrey, or clovers.

Beneficial insects attractors and pollinator supporters such as angelica, cow parsnip, clovers, sweet cicily, or valerian.

This list is far from comprehensive. Many plants perform more than one function including perhaps meeting a need of our own. We hope to be able to provide some of these species for sale here at East Hill Tree Farm.