Our Services

We support clients in Central Vermont with edible landscaping, agroforestry systems, home orchards, wildlife plantings, edible forest gardens, permaculture, soil building, mycelium running and landscape regeneration. We provide a range of services, from consultation to complete design and installation with ongoing seasonal maintenance including soil amending and pruning. We want you to succeed! We are happy to take the time to answer any questions you may have in order to ensure the success of your plantings.

Landscape Design

Need help realizing your edible landscape dreams? We offer complete landscape design services. We will work with you to develop a design or plan appropriate for you and your site. We provide information and education for ongoing management.

We endeavor not to plant single trees, but to establish whole ecosystems, in which people play an integral role. We will work with you to determine what is appropriate for you and your site, as well as provide information and education for ongoing management.

We offer a range of options for the design phase.

Basic consultation (typically $70 - $150) We visit the area you want to plant, learn about your goals, and decide on a planting plan together.

Full design: Basic consultation plus research about unusual species or design ideas, a more in-depth soil and site analysis, and a full design-sketch of the proposed project (as seen at left).

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We love to plant and will do it right. We bring compost, mulch, soil amendments, fencing and know-how to ensure that your plantings thrive. We bill for time and materials and are happy to provide an estimate upon request.

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Soil Improvement

Healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy people. Sadly many soils in Vermont are exhausted. Thousands of years of rain and a couple hundred years of agriculture have washed away many essential nutrients. We will observe your soil quality on-site, send a sample to a lab for analysis, develop recommendations, and help you add the appropriate minerals, plants and management practices to improve your soil health. Grow nutrient dense crops!

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Tree pruning

We specialize in pruning fruit trees and as well as crabapples and some other ornamentals. Our typical tools are hand-saws, a pole saw, and loppers, with occasional use of our chainsaw or ladder.

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