Picking up your bare-root order

We want you engaged with your landscape and growing more fruit! In our efforts to provide our community with the highest quality plants at a reasonable price, we bare-root plants for pre-order only. If you have placed your order already - great! This is the place to review how to get ready. If you have not placed an order, please visit our nursery in-person weekends starting May 6th, or visit our website around that time and we hope to have our potted inventory viewable online as well. Online ordering for bare root closed March 25th.

Bare-root pre-orders are for PICK-UP only.

What are bare-root plants? They are just that: dormant, healthy plants with little or no soil on their roots. They need to be planted promptly but can be kept several days if the roots are kept cool and moist (not freezing). Bare-root trees are a great value and perform well.

There are several species that we do not offer as bare-roots, including hardy kiwi, honeyberry, and seaberry. So that you can access our full offerings through the bare-root sale, we've included these potted items in our pre-order catalog as well.

Picking up:

All orders must be picked up at the nursery between April 19 and May 1. You should have been emailed a link to sign up for a pickup slot via Airtable in your order confirmation. Anyone who hasn't signed up will be assigned a pickup slot. We will email all customers by mid April to confirm your pick-up time slots.

Park along the road or pull into the driveway if there is space.

Most orders should fit comfortably in a station wagon or hatchback vehicle with the seats down.

Please bring materials to wrap the roots of your trees if you have them; a tarp or old large plastic sheets or bags work well. Most shrubs are already bagged. We will also have materials on hand if needed. All items sold are bare-root unless the item said "potted" in its description.

You don't need to bring your order confirmation page. Just walk up to the welcome table and give us the name your order is under.

Another round of folks will be coming to pick up plants in the next hour after you so please be conscientious of time. We hope to be able to answer your questions and help you find any additional plants or materials you are looking for. We take cash and check (preferred), or credit cards for any additional items you might purchase.

Bare root plants want to be planted promptly. They will be OK for a few days if the roots are kept cool and damp. Burying the roots in a pile of mulch, compost or some loose soil in a garden bed works well. Please be sure to read our Resources page for additional tips on planting!


Sometimes we sell out of an item between the time when you place your order and when it is processed. This is much more likely to happen for paper orders than online orders and for orders received in March (late) rather than January (early), but it can happen to any order. Our generic policy is to substitute with a similar item when available (e.g. a different similar variety of blueberry), and to refund that item if there is nothing similar that we can substitute. Refunds will be processed at the time of pick-up, so you can decide whether you want to receive a cash refund or choose a different item to purchase on-site with your credit.

If you know you do not want any kind of substitutions, please check the "no substitutions please" box on the View Cart page.

If your planting fails:

We work hard to ensure the plants we sell are ready to succeed and that you have the information you need to get them off to a good start. If the plants fail to leaf out due to something on our end, we are sorry, and we will offer a replacement or credit equal to the price paid for the plant.