Retail Nursery

East Hill Tree Farm offers a wide range of hardy fruit trees, seedling nut trees, and berry plants. We manage organically and grow our plants in living soil. We strive to garden like the forest, endeavoring not to plant single trees but to establish whole ecosystems.

We want you to succeed! We are happy to take the time to answer any questions you may have in order to ensure the success of your plantings. We sell rock minerals and organic fertilizers to improve your soil as well as screen and fencing to protect your trees from deer and rodents.

Most of our plants are sold in pots except for our annual spring bare-root sale. Berry plants and shrubs typically range in height from 8"-24” and in price from $19-$35. Trees typically range in height from 2-6’ and in price from $35-$90. View our full catalog (pdf - 1.1 MB) for descriptions and prices of our typical offerings, but note that our inventory varies year to year and throughout the
season. Feel free to call ahead about availability if you are making a big drive to reach us - (802) 454-7874. We look forward to seeing you!

We have JUMPING WORMS on the farm. They will not be on bare-root plants but may be in potted plants.

  • Early spring at the nursery

  • Blueberries - brilliant in fall

  • Hooray for black raspberries!