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American chestnuts were once the dominant forest tree east of the Mississippi. In 1904 the chestnut blight arrived from China and within 20 years a combination of disease and preemptive logging caused the tree to go nearly extinct. Small and large-scale breeders all over the country have been working to bring back the American chestnut primarily through crossing it with more disease resistant chestnut species such as Chinese chestnut. Ours have mostly American genetics, giving them greater winter hardiness and a good chance for resistance to chestnut blight. Their parents are open-pollinated crosses growing here on the farm.

YOU can take part in chestnuts’ return! A small patch of 3-30 chestnuts will produce viable seed, naturalizing in surrounding areas. The nuts are of tremendous value to wildlife, and are easy to harvest and process for your own use too.

Plant chestnuts on a well drained site with good sun. Space them 20-35 ft apart. Give them some love and attention, keeping weeds and deer back for the first few years. Sometimes leaves on young trees show signs of iron deficiency (yellowing between the veins) which can be corrected with sulfur (we sell sulfur for $1/plant). Once settled in they are rapid growers. With any luck, mature trees can be 35-50 ft tall.


Add sulfur to your order for $1/plant (sulfur is suitable for organic production.) Strongly recommended.


3-4 ft trees - 3 or more $27/ea, 6 or more $24/ea, 12 or more, $18/ea

5-6 ft trees - 3 or more $39/ea, 6 or more $33/ea, 12 or more, $21/ea 

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