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PF-24C Peach pruned to 3-4 ft (Flaming-Fury Cold Hardy)

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PF-24C, the C is for cold hardy. May be the best of the so-called 'cold hardy' peaches. The fruit are relatively large, sweet, tangy, and firm but Juicy. The skin develops to a deep red.


Peaches are marginal in much of Vermont. That said we have gotten fruit for three years in a row now. Peaches are vigorous and quick to bear but winter will eventually wreck them.

Plant in a well drained location where the soil will will be shaded from winter sun, but the top will be in the sun during the summer, often on the north side of a building works well. Cold soil in the spring can delay flowering and help protect from frost damage.

We do not guarantee the hardiness of peach trees.