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Pound Sweet Apple 3-5 ft branched tree

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Pound Sweet, also called Pumpkin Sweet, is an heirloom originating from Connecticut bearing extra-large apples prized for baking, drying, apple-butter or other projects. The fleshy is juicy and sweet with low acidity. The rather thick skin is green-to-yellow, sometimes with a brown blush.

Standard rootstock: These trees are grafted onto Antonovka standard rootstock, which produces vigorous and disease-resistant full-size trees. With a little TLC these trees can last generations.

Apples thrive in Vermont. You need to have at least two different varieties for pollination; however, apples are common enough in Vermont that you can often get away with planting one if a neighbor has a few trees. Wild trees or crab apples growing nearby can also serve as pollinators. More pollen often means more and larger fruit. Plant in a well-drained spot with good sun. We grow and sell varieties that perform well in our climate and growing conditions. Varieties listed as “heirloom” originated before 1900.

If you are planting a few trees, consider selecting varieties with different uses or ripening times. If you are planning to make hard cider, add a cider variety or two to blend with more typical dessert fruit.