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Red Maple (acer rubrum)

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Red Maples are a fantastic native tree. AKA soft maple. Faster growth rate and more reliable red fall color than sugar maples. With a compact rounded form, red maples make a fantastic yard or shade tree. Adaptable to a wide range of soil types, from wet (not saturated) to droughty. The bright red buds swelling is a first sign of spring and the delicate red early spring flowers are a treat for those that look a little closer at the trees. Good for pollinators and numerous Lepidoptera species.

'Red Sunset' is a variety selected for outstanding brilliant orange to scarlet fall foliage, fast growth and a consistent pyramidal to rounded form. The large trees we have will be 'Red Sunset'.

Red Maples can get large, 35-40 ft wide and 40-50 feet tall or larger depending on the site.