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Tawara Pear

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Tawara is a new, hardy, Asian pear variety producing 2-inch fruit that are crisp and sweet. The trees are hardy to -30 degrees.

Tawara is self-fertile. You do not need to plant any other pear varieties to pollinate it, and it will not reliably pollinate other pears trees.

Pears are a great fruit for Central Vermont. Pears suffer from fewer pests and diseases than apple trees, making it easier to grow high quality fruit. Plant 20-30 ft apart.

Pear Pollination: The two different strains of pear, communis (European) and ussuriensis (Siberian), flower at slightly different times and will not reliably pollinate each other. Plant communis types with communis types, and ussuriensis types for most reliable fruit set. Also, some pear varieties produce very little pollen, making them poor pollinators for other pears. Plant at least two different varieties from the same pollination group (either communis or ussuriensis) for pollination. If planting a poor pollinator, plant at least two other varieties from the same group. The more the merrier!

Ussuriensis types will often grow to be larger trees (25 or more ft tall). Communis types have been grafted on a semidwarf rootstock and may be kept under 20 ft with pruning.